Amsterdam Airport Train

The Fast and Affordable Trains from Amsterdam Airport

Trains from Amsterdam Airport

Without a doubt, the Amsterdam airport train is the most popular transit option for AMS passengers wishing to travel from Schiphol Airport to their destination fast and affordably. In fact, trains don’t just link Amsterdam Airport to the city center. On the contrary, Schiphol Train Station is considered an important rail hub, connecting Amsterdam to every part of the Netherlands and serving international destinations too. Trains are comfortable and reliable, and even though they don’t have designated luggage space, passengers can store their baggage under or between the seats.

Our Tip: Unfortunately, pickpocketing incidents occur from time to time in Amsterdam airport train lines. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times. 

Train Lines from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Regional trains, intercity lines, and international rail services depart from the Schiphol NS Train Station. For instance, rides to Amsterdam Centraal Station are handled by Sprinter lines and Intercity trains (IC direct). However, in practice, intercity journeys are just 3 minutes shorter (14 instead of 17 minutes).

In general terms, you’ll find a train leaving the airport station every 4-10 minutes from 05:30 am to midnight, while routes become scarcer from midnight to 01:00 am and hourly from then until the morning. Hence, there is always a train line serving Amsterdam International Airport, even if you may have to wait a lot to catch it.

Where is the NS Train Station at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

The AMS Train Station is conveniently located underneath the huge Amsterdam airport terminal. Thus, after retrieving your luggage, you’ll have to follow the signs to Schiphol Plaza and use the stairs, the escalators, or the elevators lying there to get down to the station’s level. Ramps are to be found as well, an extremely helpful fact for passengers carrying lots of luggage. Overall, the 3-platform airport railway station is easily accessible once landing at Amsterdam Airport. 

Schiphol Airport Train Tickets and Fares

Schiphol airport train tickets’ prices vary depending on the chosen train line and the destination. Nevertheless, the train fares are the same for day and night rides. One-way and round-trip tickets are also available, yet return journeys must take place on the same day. Please note that during off-peak hours (from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm and from 06:30 pm to 06:30 am on weekdays and during weekends and holidays), NS offers deals and discounts. Hence, group-ticket prices apply along with discounts for in-advance (at-least-4-days before the train ride) reservations. On the other hand, dogs and bicycles bring extra charges.

Schiphol Airport Train Tickets: Which Ticket to Choose

You’ll have the following options concerning your Schiphol airport train tickets:

  • the anonymous OV-chipkaart
  • the paper single-use OV-chipkaart
  • the e-ticket
  • the Amsterdam Travel Ticket

The OV-chipkaart

An OV-chipkaart is a rechargeable card that can be used for tram, subway, bus, and train journeys. The 5-year-valid card can be personal (used by the locals) and anonymous. The anonymous OV-chipkaart can be used by more than one passenger, yet not at the same time. Costing 8.50€/9$, it is available from the yellow vendors at Schiphol Plaza. However, it must be loaded with at least 20€/21.30$. Therefore, it is basically addressed to passengers staying in Amsterdam for a long time and mainly using the public transit system.

The Single-Use OV-chipkaart

The disposable paper, single-use OV-chipkaart is available through the NS yellow ticket machines or the ticket counters lying at Schiphol Plaza (one level above the train station). Please keep in mind that cash isn’t accepted at the ticket kiosks. You simply enter your destination and pay the relevant fee in cash or via debit/credit card. However, an extra 1€/1.07$ is added to the Schiphol airport train ticket fare. For instance, although the fare for the Sprinter ride from Amsterdam Airport to the Centraal Station is 4.90€/5.20$, the disposable OV-chipkaart will cost you 5.90€/6.30$.

The e-Ticket

E-tickets can be purchased online. They are more affordable as they don’t have the 1€/1.07$ surcharge. After purchasing your ticket, you can print it, keep it on your phone, or load it onto the NS app. In any case, e-tickets are personal. Thus, you should have your ID, passport, or driver’s license with you. Nevertheless, you won’t have to check in or out with your e-ticket. You’ll simply have to swipe the barcode through the readers.

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket is the ideal way to pay for your Schiphol airport train tickets if you intend on making more onward train, bus, subway, or tram rides. You can opt for a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day Amsterdam Travel Ticket paying 18€/19.20$, 24€/25.60$, and 30€/32$ respectively, and use Amsterdam’s public transport system as many times as you want (including the Connexxion Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397). A 1-day ticket is valid from midnight (basically from its first use) to the next morning, at 04:00 am. Amsterdam Travel Tickets are available from the Holland Tourist Desk at Schiphol Plaza, the airport vendors, or via the Connexxion ticket counters at Bus Platform B9. However, Amsterdam Travel Ticket is valid only for 2nd class travel. On the other hand, if you intend to travel beyond Amsterdam, Amsterdam & Region Travel Tickets, as well as Holland Travel Tickets are also available.

Our Tip 1: As of late, contactless payments are also accepted to the NS trains.

Our Tip 2: Please remember to check in your card or ticket at the yellow readers lying at the top of the escalators and next to elevators at Schiphol Plaza and check it out before leaving your destination station (but only swipe the barcode of your e-ticket).

Our Tip 3: Children between 4 and 11 years of age pay just 2.50€/2.67$ for their Schiphol airport train tickets, while kids up to 3 years old travel for free.

Our Tip 4: Your destination is displayed on your ticket. Thus, you are allowed an uninterrupted ride from your departure stop to your destination station. On the other hand, you can check in and out from the in-between stations and benefit from their eating, drinking, and shopping options without disrupting your journey.

Intercity Trains from Amsterdam Airport

Schiphol Train Station is an important Dutch rail station, serving intercity and international destinations as well. Verily, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is served by major train lines, such as Thalys, ICE International, Eurostar, and CityNightLine. Tickets and info about those rides are provided by Nederlandse Spoorwegen Hispeed Desks, situated nearby the Meeting Point at Schiphol Plaza.


Does Amsterdam Airport have a train station?

Amsterdam Airport Train Station lies underneath the AMS terminal. To reach the NS rail station, you’ll have to use the stairs, escalators, or elevators lying at Schiphol Plaza.

How to buy a train ticket at Schiphol Airport?

If you opt for a single-use ticket, you’ll have to purchase it from the blue-grey machines located at the Arrivals 3 baggage claim zone and the escalators leading to Departures 3. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket online (saving 1€/1.07$).

Is there a direct train from Schiphol to Amsterdam?

Trains leave around the clock from Schiphol Airport. During peak hours, every 3 minutes, a train departs from the airport station. Direct train rides from Schiphol to Amsterdam are also provided to AMS passengers. In fact, both Sprinter trains and Intercity lines (IC direct) head straight to the Dutch capital.