Amsterdam Taxi Guide

All the Useful Tips & Hints about Taxis in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Taxi: an Overview

Amsterdam taxis may not be the most popular transit option in the city. The Dutch capital is a bike city after all, while its public transit system is considered very effective. Still, they remain the top choice for rides with lots of luggage or journeys at night. Overall, taxis in Amsterdam offer quality services, however, at relatively high prices.

How to Distinguish a Taxi in Amsterdam

In general terms, Amsterdam taxis don’t have a unique color. Nevertheless, they are usually black or have a metallic hue. Even so, you can easily distinguish an official Amsterdam taxi, thanks to its blue license plates and the “Taxi” roof sign, along with the company’s logo and the taxi number. Moreover, taxis in Amsterdam must have their pricelist displayed on their interior and exterior, as well as their license number inside the vehicle. Unofficial unlicensed taxi rides must always be avoided as they usually lead to overcharged rides.

Amsterdam Taxi Fares

Amsterdam taxis are metered. However, some taxi companies offer set prices, while taxi drivers may negotiate a fixed rate for long journeys. Even so, the taximeter should be on during the ride. Thus, when reaching the destination, passengers have to pay whichever is the lower price. On the other hand, the Dutch government has implemented a taxi tariff list with the maximum possible charges. Hence, the maximum initial fee for an ordinary taxi (accommodating up to 4 passengers) is 3.60€/3.84$, the fare per minute is 0.44€/0.47$, and the cost per km is 2.65€/2.82$. The tariff for waiting time is 49.64€/52.91$ per hour. Payments can be made in cash and via debit/credit cards.

How to Hire a Taxi in Amsterdam

Although doable, hailing a taxi from the street isn’t a common practice in Amsterdam, as taxis aren’t allowed to stop on some streets. Thus, catching your cab simply by standing at the end of the road and lifting your arm may be proven a hard task. On the other hand, Amsterdam is full of official taxi ranks. More than 50 taxi stands (taxisstandplaats) are to be found scattered around the city. Hence, finding one and taking your cab from there should be easy. Alternatively, you can call for your taxi or use one of the taxi companies’ apps. 

Our Tip: As the governmentally applied prices aren’t obligatory but only set the maximum limit, Amsterdam taxi companies have their own price lists. Thus, once reaching your taxi rank, you are allowed to take whatever taxi vehicle you want after checking its tariffs, and not necessarily to catch the first in line. 

Amsterdam Taxis to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Despite the efficiency of Amsterdam’s public transit modes, an Amsterdam taxi can be a lifesaver when traveling with luggage. Thus, Amsterdam airport taxis are without a doubt the “must” choice for journeys to Amsterdam International Airport. Available around the clock, they can easily be caught by one of the many city taxi stands, or even better, you should call for your cab to be sure that you’ll be at the airport on time. Most taxi companies offer fixed prices for rides to and from the airport. In any case, you can expect a 45€-55€/48$-59$ price for your taxi to Amsterdam Airport.

Useful Tips about Amsterdam Taxis

  • Amsterdam taxi drivers are obliged to reset and set on the taximeter at the start of the ride. Furthermore, they have to take the shortest route to their passengers’ destinations. 
  • Amsterdam taxi drivers can’t pick rides. They have to drive you to your destination, even if it lies close to the pick-up location.
  • You should always ask for a receipt at the end of your ride. The receipt has all the necessary info in case you want to make an official complaint.
  • All Amsterdam taxi drivers must be registered with one of Amstredam’s licensed taxi companies.
  • A vast majority of taxi vehicles are monitored via a GPS system.
  • Amsterdam’s major taxi company is Taxi Centre Amsterdam (TCA).
  • Metered rides are dependent on traffic levels. Fortunately, Amsterdam’s traffic jams’ are much more tolerable compared to other European cities.
  • Even if you have settled on a fixed taxi rate, the taximeter must still be on. That is the case even for rides from Amsterdam Airport to the city center. If its indication at the end of the ride is lower than the agreed price, you’ll have to pay the indicated fare.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, rounding up the final price for pleasant rides is customary.
  • Some Amsterdam taxi drivers (having passed the required exams) have the right to use the bus and tram lanes.
  • Ride-sharing is always possible in Amsterdam.
  • Some bike taxis are also available in the Dutch capital.


Are taxis in Amsterdam expensive?

Amsterdam taxis are considered quite expensive, at least in comparison with other European capitals. Still, the Dutch government has set maximum limits to taxi fares, while many taxi companies offer set prices for rides to popular destinations. Thus, after comparing each operator’s tariffs, you can end up with a more affordable option.

How do I order a taxi in Amsterdam?

Hailing a taxi from the street isn’t customary in Amsterdam, as taxis aren’t allowed to stop everywhere. Alternatively, you can catch your cab from one of the many taxi ranks or book your ride via the taxi companies’ websites, apps, or phone numbers. 

Do you tip taxi drivers in Amsterdam?

In general terms, tipping the taxi driver isn’t obligatory or customary in Amsterdam. Still, for pleasant rides, passengers usually round up the final fare. 

Do cabs in Amsterdam take credit cards?

Overall, you can pay both in cash or via a debit or credit card for your Amsterdam taxi ride. Still, it is always advisable to let your driver know that you are going to use the card payment method.