How to get from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port

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Transit Options from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port

Amsterdam Cruise Port lies centrally in the Dutch capital, within a 15-minute walking distance from the Central Station. Thus, if you want to travel from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port, you’ll find enough available options. Airport taxis are the all-time classic choice, whereas Amsterdam airport transfers provide lavish services. On the other hand, airport car rentals are preferred for their autonomy, and train rides are the top value-for-money (yet indirect)  alternative for journeys to Amsterdam Cruise Port.

OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi47.50-5550.70-5930 min
Train4.90-6.235.20-6.6531-35 min

Our Tip: Bus journeys are also available from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port. However, to reach the Cruise Port terminal from the airport, you’ll have to use two bus lines and hop on the Amsterdam tram or walk for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the hassle, it is the cheapest alternative for your transit.

Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port by Taxi

One of the most convenient ways to travel from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port is, without a doubt, Amsterdam airport taxis. The 24/7 taxis are lining up at the taxi rank outside Schiphol Plaza, providing top-rated services to AMS passengers. Still, some scamming incidents occur at Amsterdam International Airport from time to time. Thus, unlicensed drivers offer low prices to tempt passengers to opt for their rides. In fact, they aim to overcharge them. On the other hand, taxis at the airport taxi stand are official. They have the “Taxi” sign, the taxi number, and the taxi company’s name on their roof, and their prices are displayed on their exterior. Inside the vehicles, passengers can check out the price list and the license number while their license plates are blue.

Amsterdam taxis are metered. Hence, their prices are formed by their taximeter. However, only the higher limits of the initial tariff, the price per km and minute, etc., are governmentally implemented. As long as they don’t exceed those prices, Amsterdam taxi companies can set whatever tariffs they may want. Therefore, most of them have pre-determined rates, at least for the most popular routes. Thus, the 30-minute ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port (the traveling time varies from 22 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the traffic) is priced around 47.50€-55€/50.70$-59$. Still, the taximeter must be on during your journey. If, when reaching the Cruise Port, it shows a lower price than the one set by the taxi company, you can pay that lower fare. Moreover, you aren’t obligated to tip the driver. Nevertheless, for pleasant rides, it is customary to round up the fare. You can pay for your trip to Cruise Port via cash or bank card. Although credit/debit cards are commonly accepted by Amsterdam taxi drivers, informing the driver that you are planning on paying with a bank card is always recommended. 

Our Tip 1: Each taxi company has its own price table. Hence, you can choose whatever taxi vehicle you want from the taxi stand. You don’t have to catch the first one in line. 

Our Tip 2: You can always opt for a ride-sharing ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port.

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Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port by Train

Amsterdam airport trains are the most cost-effective alternative for your journey from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port. Unfortunately, it isn’t a direct one. After leaving the baggage claim area, you’ll have to reach Schiphol Plaza. Schiphol Station lies underneath that area. You’ll find stairs, elevators, and escalators leading to the station. From Schiphol Station, Sprinter lines and Intercity direct trains head to Amsterdam Centraal Station in the city center. From 05:30 am to midnight, one train departs from the airport station every 4-10 minutes. Conversely, from midnight to 01:00 am, routes are less frequent and become hourly from 01:00 am to 05:30 am. If you are going to travel during the night, please keep in mind to check the NS webpage. During the night shift, maintenance works usually take place, raising the train rides’ duration considerably. In any case, the train ride from Amsterdam Airport to Train Station lasts 14 with an Intercity direct route and 17 minutes otherwise. 

You can settle on two ways to reach the Cruise Port from Amsterdam Centraal Station. Either you can walk the 15-minute distance or take the Tram Line 26 heading to IJburg and disembark at Muziekgeb Bimhuis, a 5-minute walk from the Passenger Terminal. If you decide on walking your way to the Cruise Port, the duration of your trip from the airport will be around 32 minutes, whereas the combination of train and tram will get you to the Cruise Port in about 37 minutes.

How to Pay for your Train Ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port

The rechargeable OV-chipkaarts are the perfect choice if you intend to spend a long period of time in Amsterdam and planning on using the city’s public transit means during your stay. Although the personal OV-chipkaart offers the most benefits, it is basically a value-for-money option for the locals. On the other hand, the anonymous OV-chipkaart costs 8.50€/9$ (you can purchase it from Schiphol Plaza’s yellow machines). You’ll have to top it up with at least 20€/21.30$, and you can use it for your tram, train, subway, and bus rides, buying your tickets at discounted prices. Still, it is also worth the expense for long stays in the Dutch capital.

Alternatively, you can opt for an online ticket. E-tickets have to get printed, loaded into the NS app, or just kept on a mobile. They are personal. Thus, you should remember to carry your passport, ID, or driver’s license with you. A one-way ticket from Amsterdam Airport to Central Station is priced at 4.90€/5.20$. Tickets for round trips are also available. However, please keep in mind that round trips must take place on the same day. Kids between 4 and 11 pay the Railrunner tickets at 2.50€/2.67$, whereas younger children travel for free. 

If you want to avoid online bookings, you should settle on a single-use OV-chipkaart. The disposable tickers can be bought from the ticket counters and automatic vendors at Schiphol Plaza (the ticket counters don’t accept cash payments though). Although they are a popular choice among AMS passengers, single-use OV-chipkaarts are 1€/1.07$ costlier. Thus, the journey from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station will cost you 5.90€/6.30$.

If you intend on reaching the Cruise Port via Tram 26 and avoiding the hassle of walking to your destination, you’ll have to pay an extra 1.33€/1.43$ for your tram journey. Tram tickets are available online and onboard (only with a credit or debit card). Hence, the total cost of your journey from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port should be 6.23€/6.65$ (if buying an online ticket, 7.23€/7.75$ otherwise).

Your last option is the often-preferred-by-Amsterdam-tourists Amsterdam Travel Ticket. You can buy a 1, 2, or 3-day Amsterdam Travel Ticket, paying 18€/19.20$, 24€/25.60$, and 30€/32$, from the Holland Tourist Desk and the automatic vendors at Schiphol Plaza or online. With that ticket on hand, you can enjoy unlimited rides with all the public transit modes. However, you are entitled to only second-class rail travel. The validity of a 1-day Amsterdam Travel Ticket starts when first used and ends the next morning, at 04:00 am. Additionally, an Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is handy if you are to explore the city’s nearby areas as well, whereas Holland Travel Tickets address passengers wishing to travel around the Netherlands. 

Important note: Whatever ticket option you may choose, you’ll still have to check in and out once entering and once exiting the train stations as well as when hopping on the tram and before disembarking at your destination stop.

Our Tip: Contactless payments have been recently accepted when using the NS trains.

Car Rental from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port

Amsterdam airport car rentals are the ideal way to relish autonomous rides during your stay in Amsterdam. Verily, once landing at AMS Airport, a car rental will allow you to get to the Cruise Port at your own pace. Good research and early reservations guarantee that you’ll find the ideal vehicle type for you at an affordable price. The car rental providers operating at AMS Airport are plenty, after all. 

After setting off from the airport, you’ll reach your destination in about 22-35 minutes during off-peak hours and in approximately 30-50 minutes when the traffic levels are high. As soon as you get to Cruise Port, you’ll have to park your Amsterdam car rental. Luckily, a parking lot is to be found underneath the Passenger Terminal.  

Amsterdam Airport Transfers from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port

If you want to reach the Cruise Port totally relaxed and hassle-free, you should settle on an Amsterdam airport transfer. Amsterdam airport transfers are the utmost convenient option for your ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port. As plenty of private airport transfer companies are present at Amsterdam International Airport, services are top-quality and prices competitive. The cherry-picked drivers wait for their passengers at Schiphol Plaza, ready to assist them with their luggage, show them the way to the vehicle of their choice outside the airport, and drive them straight to the Cruise Port, answering all their questions on the way.


How to get from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port?

Apart from the ordinary airport taxis, the lavish and super comfortable Amsterdam airport transfers, and the autonomous car rentals, you’ll find only one public transit option for your ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port. Trains leaving from Schiphol Station are a fast and utmost affordable alternative, yet they don’t reach the Cruise Port directly.

How far is Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port?

Depending on the selected route, AMS Airport is 20-27km /12.5-16.5 miles away from the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. Thus, a ride from Amsterdam Airport to Cruise Port should last around 22-50 minutes, subject to traffic conditions.