Schiphol Airport Bus

A Useful Guide for Bus Rides from Amsterdam Airport

The Schiphol Airport Bus Lines Connecting Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam is well known for its efficient public transit system. Thus, AMS travelers searching for a cheap alternative for their journey from Schiphol Airport often opt for a Schiphol airport bus ride. Verily, the effective Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397 links Amsterdam Airport to the city center, while the GVB public buses link the capital’s airport to Sloterdijk. 

The Schiphol Airport Bus 397

The Amsterdam Airport Express is the red bus leaving Amsterdam International Airport and heading to the city. Available approximately from 05:00 am to midnight, Bus 397 runs on a 7-8-minute frequency and needs around 40 minutes to reach its terminal (the Bus Station Elandsgracht). On its way, the Amsterdam Airport Express makes limited stops in crucial parts of the city. Thus, the Museumplein and Rijksmuseum stops should be your disembarking points if you’re heading to the notable Amsterdam areas, housing some of the city’s most well-known museums, as well as many shopping and eating options, whereas Leidseplein stop leads to the famous homonymous square. Please note that Bus 397 doesn’t get to Centraal Station though.

Our Tip: The Connexxion buses offer Wi-Fi to their passengers and are equipped with mobile charging points. Moreover, they have a low entry point. Thus, hopping on the bus with your luggage shouldn’t trouble you much.

The Night Bus N97 from Amsterdam Airport

The Niteliner N97 makes more or less the same route as the Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397  -heading from Nieuw Vennep to Elandsgracht but runs only on nights. Hence, it has available routes from midnight to 05:00 am every 30 minutes. Therefore, Schiphol Airport is linked via the fast bus lines provided by Connexxion around the clock.

The GVB Amsterdam Airport Buses

The GVB Schiphol airport bus lines are public buses handling journeys from Amsterdam Airport. Hence, Bus 369 runs to Sloterdijk from 05:15 am to 00:42 am, with available routes every 15-20 minutes. On the other hand, Buses 245, 246, and 247 operate three times a day, in the early mornings. Bus 245 heads to Oostzanerdijk, while Bus 246 to Borneolaan and Bus 247 to Bos en Lommerplein.

Where is the Bus Station at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

The airport bus stops lie right outside Schiphol Plaza. Both the Connexxion Airport Shuttle 397, the GVB buses, as well as hotel shuttles call at that area. Thus, after collecting your luggage, all you have to do is head to Schiphol Plaza and exit the airport doors. 

Our Tip: Amsterdam Airport Express 397’s stop lies between B15 and B19.

Schiphol Airport Bus Tickets

Tickets for the Amsterdam Airport Express 397 cost 6.50€/6.90$ for a one-way ride and 11.75€/12.50$ for a round trip. Please keep in mind that round trips don’t have to take place on the same day. Conversely, you can buy a ticket with an open date. Nevertheless, you’ll have to use it within a 14-day period of time. Kids between 4 and 11 years pay just 1€/1.07$ for their fare, whereas younger children travel for free.

The single paper tickets are available through the blue-grey machines located at the Arrivals 3 baggage claim area, and outside that zone, at the escalators leading to Departures 3. Alternatively, you can buy them online or inside the bus (cash payments aren’t accepted, though). The same fares apply to Night Bus N97 as well.

On the other hand, a single ticket for the GVB buses costs 3.40€/3.62$ and can be bought online, via the automatic ticket machines, or inside the bus. Still, the use of cash for onboard payments isn’t an option.

Our Tip: Please remember to validate your barcode tickets, or scan your mobile (in case of online reservations) at the automatic readers once entering and before exiting the bus. 

Using the OV-chipkaart for your Schiphol Ride

If you want to make your life simplest and benefit from lower prices, you should purchase an OV-chipkaart. OV-chipkaart is a rechargeable card, valid for rides with tram, subway, train, and bus over a 5-year time. There are two types of OV cards: the personal, meaning that the card is registered to your name while you can exploit many benefits, from age discounts to automatic reloading. And the anonymous, which can be used by multiple passengers yet not simultaneously.

An OV-chipkaart costs 8.50€/9$ and can be purchased and loaded via the automatic yellow machines lying at Schiphol Plaza. OV cards must be topped up with at least 10€/10.60$ in case of subscribed travelers, or 20€/21.30$ otherwise. Hence, even though they offer better fares and prices, they are recommended for travelers planning on staying in Amsterdam for a long time and using the public transit modes almost exclusively.

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket 

Unlimited free subway, tram, and bus rides are provided when buying an Amsterdam Travel Ticket. The Amsterdam Travel Ticket is probably the most popular choice among Amsterdam visitors. It is available for 1, 2, or 3 days and includes rides from and to the airport with the Airport Shuttle 397. The price of a 1-day Travel Ticket is 18€/19.20$, for 2 days is 24€/25.60$ and for 3 days 30€/32$. The ticket’s validity starts from the moment it is first used until the next morning (at 04:00 am). You can purchase an Amsterdam Travel Ticket online, at Connexxion ticket counters at Bus Platform B9, via the Schiphol vendors, or through the Holland Tourist Desk located at Schiphol Plaza near Arrivals 2. Please keep in mind that you’ll have to swipe the ticket once entering and when exiting each public transit mode. 

Our Tip: Apart from the Amsterdam Travel Tickets, you can also opt for Amsterdam & Region Travel Tickets, allowing rides inside the city limits and in the Amsterdam region, as well as Holland Travel Tickets if you intend on traveling around the Netherlands. 

Intercity Buses from Amsterdam International Airport

Intercity buses (basically routes operated by FlixBus) leave Amsterdam Airport, heading to other Dutch cities. The intercity bus station is located in the same area as the urban bus stops. Hence, intercity destinations are served by Schiphol airport buses departing from the bus lane outside Schiphol Plaza. Other European countries and destinations (for instance, Paris, Brussels, etc.) are also connected to Schiphol Airport via bus.


How much is the bus from Schiphol to Amsterdam?

The ticket for the fast and efficient Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397 costs 6.50€/6.90$ for a one-way ride. On the other hand, round journeys are priced at 11.75€/12.50$ and can take place within a 14-day period time from the purchase date. 

How do I pay for the airport bus in Amsterdam?

Unless you book your Schiphol airport bus tickets online, you can buy them via the blue-gey automatic devices of the Arrivals 3 baggage claim area or through the machines lying at the escalators leading to Departures 3. Inside-the-bus-purchases are also an option, contactless via credit or debit card (cash isn’t accepted).