Amsterdam Airport Parking Services

Useful Info and Guidelines about Schiphol Parking Services

The Schiphol Parking Options

Whether you are looking for a short-term or a long-stay parking spot, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has the necessary facilities to meet your requirements. Covered garages and open parking lots, pick-up and drop-off zones, as well as valet services, are available to AMS passengers. So, which of the Amsterdam airport parking facilities is ideal for you?

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The Short-Stay Schiphol Parking P1

The Amsterdam Airport Parking P1 is mainly addressed to passengers with short-term parking needs. Thus, it is the ideal alternative for up-48-hour stays. Spread over 2 floors, the mostly-covered and surveilled Parking Lot P1 has 3900 parking spaces and is equipped with 12 electric vehicle chargers as well as accessible parking spots. P1 lies within a 2-6-minute walking distance from the Amsterdam airport terminal.

However, Schiphol Parking P1 (Holiday Park) offers long-term parking services too. Nevertheless, stays that exceed the 48-hour period require an online reservation at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of arrival. If you leave your vehicle at P1 for more than two days without a previous booking, you’ll be charged 100€/107$ per day. Moreover, unless you have chosen the cancelation option during your booking process (that comes with an extra 5€/5.30$ fee), you won’t be able to make any changes cornering the parking duration. Thus, if you change the reservation period, you’ll have to pay 44€/47$ per day for the first two days and 100€/107$ for every day from the third day on. On the other hand, potential changes concerning the vehicle’s number, personal info, or the selected date don’t bring an extra fare but are possible up to 24 hours before the arrival at the airport.

Fares and Prices of Amsterdam Airport Parking P1

You can pay for your parking fees using a credit card. You’ll simply have to insert it into the automatic reader once entering the Schiphol Parking P1 and re-use the same card to pay for your fare when exiting. Alternatively, you can take a ticket from the automatic ticket machines at the car park’s entrance and pay for it at the automatic payment devices by card or cash. What’s more, contactless payments via phone are also an option for P1. In detail, the parking fares are the following:

Parking DurationPrice
Every 10 minutes1.10€/1.17$
0 - 24 hours46.50€/49.50$
24 - 48 hours93€/99$
3 days193€/206$

Our Tip: Please note that online and in advance reservations usually come with better deals and discounts.

The Long-Stay Schiphol Airport Parking P3

The monitored Amsterdam Airport Parking P3 is the airport’s most affordable option. Available for stays from 8 hours to 6 months, P3 is a half-covered, half-open parking facility. Therefore, its prices vary depending on the chosen parking spot. With 10351 outdoor parking spaces and 5158 spots inside the garage premises, it is evident that P3 handles the vast majority of the AMS parking needs. Moreover, it has 12 electric vehicle chargers (inside the garage, only for passengers opting for an indoor parking space) and special spots for persons with disabilities.

Schiphol Parking P3 isn’t adjacent to the airport terminal. Still, the free airport shuttle bus runs around the clock every 10 minutes and needs only 5 minutes to reach the Departure halls. On the other hand, when returning from your journey, you’ll have to follow the yellow P3 signs to Bus Stop A5, in front of the train station, and take the shuttle bus back to Parking Lot P3 to retrieve your car.

Fares and Prices of Amsterdam Airport Parking P3

Previous bookings aren’t required for Schiphol Parking P3. However, early reservations secure better prices. Changes concerning the parking duration aren’t allowed either unless choosing the cancellation option when booking your parking spot. As far as the payment methods are concerned, you can use your credit card or pay for your ticket at the automatic machines in cash or via bank cards. Hence, the fares for Parking P3 are:


Parking DurationPrice (Covered)Price (Uncovered)
0 - 24 hours46.50€/49.50$45.50€/48.50$
24 - 48 hours80€/85$85€/90$
Each day forward9.50€/10.13$9.50€/10.13$

Schiphol Parking Valet Services

Valet parking services are available at Amsterdam International Airport as well. Thus, you can drop off your vehicle at one of the cherry-picked airport staff and reach the terminal, lying just 2 minutes away, resting assured that your car will be safely parked in an unsheltered yet surveilled parking spot during your absence. Bookings are absolutely necessary for the P6 Valet Parking. In fact, early reservations usually guarantee discounted rates. Online bookings are possible up to 2 hours before the arrival at the airport. Later than that reservations can be made via phone, but are costlier. Hence, if you opt for the Schiphol Valet Parking, you can expect to pay 70€/74.50$ for 1 day (regardless of your actual stay), and from the second day, 5.50€/5.86$ per hour (with a maximum daily charge of 45.50€/48.50$).

Our Tip 1: Car washing services are also available for passengers opting for the P6 Valet Parking. Amsterdam Airport offers three different car washing options, all environmentally friendly and aiming to minimize water usage.

Our Tip 2: You can change the duration of your parking stay once arriving at the airport. However, you’ll have to pay for any extra cost only via credit or debit cards.

The Picking-up / Dropping-off Options at Amsterdam Airport

You can use the P1 facilities for picking up or dropping off your loved ones at the airport. In that way, you’ll park your car just 3-5 minutes away from Schiphol terminal and be able to enjoy a stress-free reunion or farewell. Although online bookings aren’t necessary, they are strongly recommended (up to 2 hours in advance). Please keep in mind that you don’t have the possibility to change the parking duration. If so, you’ll have to pay 1.10€/1.17$ per hour for the first 2 days (with a maximum of 44€/47$ per day) and 100€/107$ from the third day on.

Our Tip: Apart from this option, you can also settle on the Kiss & Ride area, lying in front of the Departure entrance, between Doors E and D. Nevertheless, you are allowed to stop there only for a few minutes.


Where to park at the airport in Amsterdam?

You’ll have the following options to park your vehicle once arriving at Amsterdam Airport. Thus, P1 is ideal for short stays, while P3, lying further from the airport, handles long-term parking needs. Moreover, Schiphol Airport offers valet services as well. 

How much does it cost to park at Amsterdam Airport?

The cost of your parking spot depends on the chosen Schiphol parking facility and the duration of your stay. Overall, the short-term P1 should cost 93€/99$ for a two-day stay, whereas the long-stay P3 80€/85$.

How do I pay for parking at Schiphol Airport?

To begin with, you can use your credit card once entering the Schiphol parking lot and re-use it to pay the parking fees when exiting the facility. On the other hand, if you take a ticket from the automatic device at the parking entrance, you’ll pay for it at the automatic payment machines (in cash or via card). Last but not least, contactless (via QR-code) payments are also available at Car Park P1. 



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