Amsterdam Airport Taxis

All Information for Schiphol Taxi Fees and Prices, Taxi Stands and Popular Routes

Why Take an Amsterdam Airport Taxi

Even though the bike definitely is the “king” concerning rides around Amsterdam and the public transit means are adequate and effective, neither of these options can be considered convenient when it comes to airport journeys. On the other hand, Amsterdam airport taxis offer fast and hassle-free rides to passengers landing at AMS and looking for a comfortable way to reach their final destinations. So, why should you be one of them?

  • Because Amsterdam airport taxis are always available outside the Schiphol terminal, no matter the day or the time. 
  • Because they offer door-to-door services.
  • Because you won’t have to try finding the closest bus or train stop to your accommodation in Amsterdam or navigate from that point to your journey’s end, carrying along your luggage. 
  • Because during the Amsterdam airport taxi ride, your personal belongings will be safely stored in the cab’s trunk. Conversely, they’ll be exposed during a bus or train ride.
  • Because you’ll travel comfortably, resting on the taxi’s back seat. On the other hand, public modes of transit often get crowded.

Amsterdam Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Although Amsterdam airport taxis are metered, most of the taxi companies (Amsterdam taxi drivers have to be part of a taxi company) offer set prices for taxi rides from Amsterdam Airport. Still, even during fixed-price rides, the taximeter must be operating. Verily, at the end of the ride, if the taximeter shows a lower price, the passenger will have to pay that cheaper fare.

In any case, even though each taxi company has its own fares, the maximum rate limits are set by the government. Hence, an up-to-4-passenger normal taxi vehicle can have an up to 3.60€/3.84$ flag rate, while its charge per km can’t exceed 2.65€/2.82$ and its price per minute can’t be more than 0.44€/0.47$. On the other hand, the waiting time can be charged up to 49.64€/52.91$ per hour. Just to have an idea, the 22-minute taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam city center usually costs around 45€-55€/48$-59$. Payments can be made in cash and contactless via debit/credit cards.

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Amsterdam Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Are you wondering about your Schiphol taxi fare? Check out the approximate fees from the airport to some of the most popular destinations in Amsterdam and its nearby areas:

Amsterdam AirportAmsterdam City Center
45€-55€/48$-59$ 22 min
Amsterdam AirportCentraal Train Station50€-60€/53$-64$26 min
Amsterdam AirportUtrecht105€/112$46 min
Amsterdam AirportRotterdam120€/128$55 min
Amsterdam AirportEindhoven Airport200€/213$90 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Schiphol Airport?

The Schiphol airport taxi rank is conveniently located outside the Arrivals doors, in front of Schiphol Plaza. Hence, after landing at Amsterdam International Airport and retrieving your luggage, all you have to do is follow the signs to the taxi stand (Taxistandplaats). Amsterdam airport’s signage is adequate. Still, if you face any problem, you can always ask the airport’s staff. They’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

It is strongly advisable to take your Amsterdam airport taxi strictly from the airport taxi stand. Taxis lining up there are official, whereas by trusting individual drivers, you risk getting scammed and overcharged. In any case, official Amsterdam taxis don’t have a unique color (although they are usually black) but have a “Taxi” sign as well as their company’s logo and the taxi number on their roof. What’s more, their license plates are blue, and they display their license number inside the vehicle and their price list on their exterior and interior.

Airport Taxi from Amsterdam Airport to Hotel

If you are still wondering about how to travel from Amsterdam Airport to hotel located downtown, you should definitely settle on an Amsterdam airport taxi. Available around the clock, the airport taxis are queuing up 24/7 at the AMS taxi rank, ready to drive you fast and safely to your accommodation in the city center. Door-to-door services, well-maintained vehicles, and top-rated English-speaking drivers are among the Schiphol taxis’ main plus points. Avoid the hassle necessarily entailed with public rides and check-in to your hotel stress-free. On the other hand, checking if your hotel offers free airport shuttle services is always recommended to save money on your airport ride. 

Amsterdam Airport Taxi Tips

  • Once entering the Amsterdam airport taxi, you should always check that the taximeter is zeroed and set on. 
  • Even during fixed-fare rides, the taximeter must be operating, as at the end of the journey, the passenger has to pay the lower price.
  • It is advisable to ask for a receipt (although Amsterdam taxi drivers usually give one anyway). All the necessary data to file an official complaint are written on the receipt.
  • Taxi drivers aren’t allowed to refuse rides.
  • TCA (Taxi Centre Amsterdam) is the major taxi company operating in the city.
  • Besides the original rides, AMS passengers can opt for Schiphol Travel Taxis (shared with up-to-8-passenger rides), or Schiphol Business Taxi, the luxury alternative requiring an up-to-12-hour prior booking. However, even though Schiphol Travel Taxis are much more affordable, they are time-consuming due to the stops (to collect or drop off passengers) on their way.
  • The metered Amsterdam airport taxis are affected by the traffic levels. Luckily, Amsterdam’s traffic jams are limited compared to other cities.
  • Some taxi drivers who have passed the necessary exams are entitled to use the bus/tram lanes.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, rounding up the final fare is common for satisfying services.
  • You can opt for a ride-sharing journey from Amsterdam Airport as well.


Are taxis readily available at Amsterdam Airport?

Amsterdam airport taxis are always available at Schiphol Airport, lining up at the airport’s official taxi rank outside the Schiphol Plaza. Thus, no matter the time of the day or the day of the year landing at AMS, you’ll certainly find a cab to drive you to your accommodation.

How to get a taxi at Schiphol Airport?

Schiphol taxis are waiting at the airport taxi stand, right in front of Schiphol Plaza. You should always take your cab from the taxi rank to avoid getting scammed by unofficial taxi drivers. Amsterdam Airport has adequate signage for the taxi stand. Still, should you face any problems, you can ask the airport’s staff for directions. 

How much is a taxi from Amsterdam Airport to city?

Even though Schiphol taxis are metered, most taxi companies offer set prices. Thus, the taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport should be around 45€-55€/48$-59$. In any case, even if you have agreed on a set fare with your Amsterdam taxi driver, if the taximeter’s indication is lower, you are to pay that price.