How to get from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague

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Transit Options from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague

The beautiful Dutch city, the Hague, is easily accessible from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Are you planning on visiting it after landing at AMS Airport? You’re going to enjoy every moment spent there. It is the royal family’s place of living after all! As far as your transit options are concerned, you can reach the Hague in style, traveling with an airport taxi or, even more so, with a private Amsterdam airport transfer. Alternatively, you can opt for a train ride or a bus journey from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. Last but not least, airport car rentals are the ideal way to get to the Hague at your own pace and explore the Dutch city and its nearby areas as well.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi90-11096.50-11840 min
Train9.8010.5030-45 min
Bus4-104.30-10.7040-45 min

Amsterdam Airport to the Hague by Taxi

Amsterdam airport taxis will traverse safely and comfortably the 47km/29-mile distance to the Hague. The official taxis are queuing up around the clock at the taxi rank, just outside the Schiphol Plaza’s doors. Thus, whatever your arrival time, you’ll find an available taxi to drive you from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. Still, Amsterdam airport taxis don’t have a distinctive color. On the contrary, the only way to pick them out is to check their blue license plates, the “Taxi” sign, the company’s name, and the taxi’s number on their roof, and the tariff table on their exterior. Once entering the cab, the license number and the price table must be clearly displayed as well. Under no circumstances should you trust individual drivers claiming to provide quality rides at low prices. They’ll almost certainly scam or overcharge you.

In contrast to most European cities, passengers in Amsterdam don’t have to pick the first taxi in line at the taxi rank. Conversely, they can catch whatever cab they want. The reason behind that practice is simple: although Amsterdam taxis are metered, each taxi company has its own price list, and most of them offer fixed fares for popular routes. Verily, the Dutch government has set the higher allowed price fares. Thus, taxi companies can form their price tables as long they don’t exceed those limits. Hence, once reaching the airport taxi stand, you can check each taxi’s tariffs and opt for the cheaper one. Please note that even during rides charged upon a fixed fee, the taximeter must still be on. In fact, if it indicates a lower fare at the end of their ride, that’s the price you are going to pay.

Overall, the ride from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague lasts 30-45 minutes. Heavy traffic can raise that time to even 100 minutes. The cost of the taxi journey is around 90€-110€/96.50$-118$, and tipping is optional. Still, it is highly customary to round up the rate when the ride is pleasant. You can pay for your taxi in cash or via credit/debit card. However, it is always recommended to check with the driver if planning to use a bank card. 

Our Tip: You can use ride-sharing services for your journey from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. 

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Amsterdam Airport to the Hague by Train

Amsterdam airport trains are the most popular way of transit from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. Trains are fast and are cheap, and safe. They depart from Schiphol Airport, located underneath the AMS terminal, around the clock with a 10-15-minute frequency. Expectantly, they ran scarcer during the night. 

Hence, once retrieving your luggage, you should head to Schiphol Plaza and use the stairs, elevators, or escalators lying there to get to the train station. Intercity trains (IC) and Sprinter lines leave Schiphol Plaza heading to Den Haag Centraal Station. IC trains reach their destination in about 30 minutes, whereas Sprinter lines do so in 45 minutes. On the other hand, a few of the routes aren’t direct, meaning that you’ll have to hop on the IC train at Schiphol Airport and change to an NS Sprinter route on your way. Still, the traveling time won’t exceed 37 minutes. 

Ticket Options for the Train from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague

Locals and travelers staying in the Netherlands for a long period of time usually opt for rechargeable OV-chipkaarts. Personal OV-chipkaarts mainly address residents (and offer the most benefits), whereas anonymous cards also provide considerable discounts for rides with all the public transit means. However, they cost 8.50€/9$ (they can be purchased from the yellow machines at Schiphol Plaza) and must be loaded with at least 20€/21.30$.

On the other hand, e-tickets are a much more suitable option for tourists planning on traveling from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. They can be bought online and must be either printed, loaded in the NS app, or just kept on the phone. You’ll have to give your personal info while buying your e-ticket. That’s why, in case of inspection, you’ll be asked to hand over your ID, driver’s license, or passport. The online ticket for the train ride from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague costs 9.80€/10.50$, whatever train line you may use (IC, Sprinter, or a combination of both of them).

Alternatively, you can purchase your ticket on the spot. Single-use OV-chipkaarts are available from the ticket offices and automatic machines at Schiphol Plaza. Nevertheless, you can use cash to buy your disposable tickets only at the automatic vendors. Despite their convenience, OV-chipkaarts have a main drawback: they are 1€/1.07$ costlier. Therefore, if settling on this option, you’ll have to pay 10.80€/11.50$ for your train ride.

If you are planning on traveling around the Netherlands, you should buy a Holland Travel Ticket. Holland Travel Tickets allow unlimited rides with all public transit means for one day and cost 70€/75$. Nevertheless, you can also opt for the 48€/51.50$ Holland Travel Ticket, which can be freely used during weekends and public holidays. However, on weekdays, it isn’t valid for journeys during peak hours (from 06:30 am to 09:00 am). Please note that Holland Travel Tickets allow only second-class rail travel.

Important note: In order to use the Dutch public transit means, you’ll have to check in and out during your rides. Therefore, you’ll have to scan your single-use ticket, OV-chipkaart, Holland Travel Ticket, or your e-ticket at the readers lying in the Schiphol Plaza (one level above the Schiphol Station) as well as before exiting Den Haag Centraal Station.

Our Tip 1: Kids between 4 and 11 years have to buy the Railrunner ticket at a price of just 2.50€/2.67$, while younger children travel for free.

Our Tip 2: Contactless payments are now accepted on the NS trains as well.

Amsterdam Airport to the Hague by Bus

Bus journeys are also available from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. In fact, you’ll have two options if deciding to travel by bus to your destination. You can either settle on a Flixbus route or a BlaBlaCar bus ride. Flixbus coaches run 3-4 times a day during the weekdays and 5 on weekends and need approximately 40 minutes to travel from Platform C outside Schiphol Plaza to the International Bus Stop at level 1 of Den Haag Centraal Station. Their cost varies from 4€/4.30$ to 10€/10.70$.

On the other hand, there is only one available BlaBlaCar bus route from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. BlaBlaCar leaves Schiphol Airport at 11.33 pm and reaches the Hague in about 44 minutes, priced at 7€/7.50$.

Car Rental from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague

Amsterdam airport car rentals are the ideal way to get from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague stress-free while planning your journey the way you like. What’s more, as the Netherlands is a small country, you can explore it all with a car rental, discovering hidden gems and enjoying the beautiful Dutch fields on your way. As plenty of car rental companies operate at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, competitive prices are provided. In fact, early, in-advance bookings come with lower prices and a wider variety of available options.

The ride from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague lasts around 30-45 minutes. Still, during peak hours, the estimated traveling time is 40-100 minutes. Once reaching the Hague, you’ll have to park your Amsterdam car rental. Besides the various parking garages and parking lots scattered around the city, you can leave your vehicle on the street. However, street parking is paid (using a credit/debit card), and often has a time limit. If searching for a cheaper option, you can head to one of the parking lots lying on the Hague’s outskirts and use the public transit modes to get to your destination. In other words, you can benefit from the Dutch P&R (Park & Ride) system, allowing low-cost parking yet not close to the city center. 

Amsterdam Airport Transfers from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague

The most convenient and luxurious option for your transfer from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague is, without a doubt, an Amsterdam airport transfer. Private transfers from Amsterdam Airport are widely preferred by AMS passengers, as they offer many important benefits. Welcome services at the airport, door-to-door drives, many add-ons as well as hand-picked drivers, and well-maintained vehicles are among their top plus points. Moreover, drivers are usually area-knowledgeable. Thus, they can answer all the questions of their passengers and give them useful advice on how to exploit their travel to the Netherlands to the full. On the other hand, the many private airport transfer providers operating at the airport lead to bargain prices. What’s more, in-advance reservations can reduce travel costs even more. Verily, the sooner you book your Amsterdam airport transfer, the better deals you’ll come upon. 


How to get from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague?

Schiphol Airport is well-connected to other Dutch cities. Thus, apart from the ordinary airport taxis and the lavish Amsterdam airport transfers, you can also opt for the value-for-money and fast train or even for a cheap yet dependent on traffic levels bus journey. Alternatively, autonomous car rentals are always a handy idea, especially if you plan to explore more Dutch areas and not limit your stay to the Hague.

How much is a taxi from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague?

Even though Amsterdam taxis are metered, most taxi companies offer set fares for the most popular routes. Thus, you can expect a 90€-110€/96.50$-118$ fare for your 40-minute taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague. Please note that during peak hours, the traveling time may be up to 100 minutes. 

How much is the train from Schiphol to Den Haag?

No matter the train line (Intercity, Sprinter, or a combination of them both), the train ticket for the journey from Amsterdam Airport to the Hague costs  9.80€/10.50$. Single-use, disposable OV-chipakaarts, available at the Schiphol Plaza’s ticket counters and automatic ticket machines, are 1€/1.07$ pricier.