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Relish your Ride with Private Transfers from Amsterdam Airport

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What is an Amsterdam Airport Transfer

If you are wondering what’s the difference between an Amsterdam airport transfer and an ordinary taxi and why you should pick this transfer option over the other transport ways from Schiphol Airport, you should first clarify what are the private transfers from Amsterdam Airport. When booking an Amsterdam airport transfer, you are assigned to one of the private airport transfer company’s cherry-picked drivers. Thus, once landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and retrieve your luggage, you’ll find the driver waiting for you outside the baggage claim area, holding a sign with your name on it. Consequently, he will assist you with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle parked outside the AMS terminal. Do you feel anxious about how to spend your journey in Amsterdam? All the drivers are area-knowledgeable, ready to give you useful info and reveal the city’s secret gems.

Amsterdam Airport Transfer Vs Ordinary Airport Taxi

Ordinary airport taxis offer adequate services at Schiphol Airport. Still, private transfers from Amsterdam Airport can elevate your traveling experience. Tailored and top-quality services are among the plus points of the flexible Amsterdam airport transfers. In detail:

  • Amsterdam airport transfers are pricier than ordinary taxis. Hence, they can end up equally affordable as they offer set prices with no hidden charges and aren’t dependent on the traffic or entail the risk of getting scammed.
  • Your ride from Schiphol Airport will be totally customized to your needs with an Amsterdam airport transfer. You get to choose the vehicle type of your preference while asking for any add-ons you may want (child seat, luggage requirements, etc.). Please remember that the sooner you book your airport transfer, the better prices you’ll secure and the more available vehicle models you’ll find.
  • Waiting time at the airport is minimized with an Amsterdam airport transfer. You won’t have to reach the taxi stand and wait in line for your taxi. You’ll simply follow your driver outside the exit doors. Even if your flight is delayed or canceled, the driver will still be at the pick-up point as soon as you arrive at AMS Airport.
  • All the vehicles of the private airport transfer companies’ fleets are well-maintained and top-class.
  • The drivers are carefully picked. They are highly capable and skilled and know the Amsterdam area well. Thus, they will drive you smoothly to your destination while giving you handy tips about your stay in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Airport Transfer Vs Public Transportation

Amsterdam’s public transit system is well-known for its efficient services. Buses and trains leave the airport bus stop and the Schiphol Train Station connecting the airport to various parts of the city and to other Dutch areas. Nevertheless, their main benefit is their low prices. Verily, the cheap trains and buses can’t be compared to the much costlier transfers from Amsterdam Airport. Still, if you aren’t traveling on a tight budget, Amsterdam airport transfers remain a top value-for-money option. Why?

  • The public transit modes entail a lot of hassle. From trying to find the airport bus stop and station carrying your luggage on the way, to getting stuck in overcrowded buses and trains, they are the complete opposite of comfortable and relaxed private transfers.
  • During an Amsterdam airport transfer, your personal belongings will be safely stored inside the vehicle’s trunk. Conversely, they will be exposed during your bus or train ride, raising the chances of you becoming a pickpocket victim.
  • Public transfers require planning. Hence, you’ll have to take the right bus or train, disembark at the right stop and find your way from that point. On the contrary, Amsterdam airport transfers offer door-to-door services.
  • If you want to reach certain parts of Amsterdam, you’ll have to change lines, making your ride a lot longer and much more tedious.

Amsterdam Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Private transfers from Amsterdam Airport are a lot pricier than public transportation and even more expensive than airport taxis. However, they justify their extra cost. From their top-rated rides to the extra services and amenities, Amsterdam airport transfers provide the utmost traveling experience from the airport. What’s more, they have fixed fares, meaning that you’ll pay for your ride during the booking procedure. Thus, no extra or hidden fees will apply to your transfer. Overall, while a taxi journey from Amsterdam Airport to the city center should cost around 45€-55€/48$-59$, a private airport transfer should be priced at around 55€-70€/59$-75$.

How to Book your Amsterdam Airport Transfer

Once deciding on your preferred private airport transfer company, you should follow its instructions to make your reservation. Please remember that in-advance reservations are always required and that early bookings secure top deals and more available vehicle models. Hence, you’ll have to fill out the booking form, entering your personal data and your travel info. As soon as you finish the procedure, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This email will probably be your voucher, and you’ll have to show it to your driver at your meeting point.

Amsterdam Airport Transfer to Hotel

Amsterdam transfers from the airport to hotel are highly appreciated by travelers who prioritize luxury and comfort during their journeys. Verily, having your driver wait for you after the baggage claim area and drive you straight to your hotel in Amsterdam is priceless, especially after a long and tiring flight. On the other hand, many Amsterdam hotels provide free airport shuttle rides. Thus, it is advisable to check your accommodation’s services before settling on your transfer choice from Amsterdam Airport.


How do I get from Amsterdam Airport to my hotel?

The most convenient and luxurious way to transfer from Amsterdam Airport to your hotel is definitely an Amsterdam airport transfer. Welcome services, excellent rides, and many add-ons are provided by the pricey private airport transfer companies, which still totally justify their fares.

How should I choose an airport transfer service?

After searching and comparing your options, you can end up with the right Amsterdam airport transfer company for you. On the other hand, if you can’t make up your mind even though you have contrasted the fares and prices, you should take a look at previous customers’ reviews.