Hotels Near Amsterdam Airport

The Top 5 Hotels Near Schiphol Airport and the Top 5 Amsterdam Hotels

The Top 5 Hotels near Amsterdam Airport

Surprisingly Amsterdam Airport offers plenty of accommodation options to passengers with a long layover at the airport or travelers wishing to check-in in the nearby area. Thus, apart from the two inside-the-terminal hotels, plenty of alternatives are to be found within walking distance or a 5-minute ride from Amsterdam International Airport. Depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, you can take a look at the top 5 hotels near Schiphol Airport:

1. The Top Proximity Option Vol 1: the Amsterdam Airport Hotels

The Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal lies close to Arrivals, across the KLM Crown Lounge, at the AMS Lounge 3. Requiring a passport and ticket control before checking in, the Mercure Hotel is the most convenient option for passengers wishing to relax before their onward flight. It offers free Wi-Fi use and desk equipment, along with automatic snack vendors and room services. The nearby restaurant “Bread” handles the hotel’s breakfast and dining needs, with a wide variety of options. A standard, fully equipped room of the 3-star Mercure Hotels costs around155€/165$, while day rooms are also available. Please note that check-in luggage isn’t allowed inside the hotel’s premises.

If the Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal doesn’t do the trick for you, you can always opt for YOTELAIR, at Lounge 2 near Concourses D and E. YOTELAIR also lies airside, meaning that only carry-ons are allowed. What’s more, it is accessible to all travelers, even to those needing a visa to enter the Netherlands. The futuristic YOTELAIR is one-of-a-kind. Its small rooms resemble boat or airline cabins, kitted with reforming to couch beds, workstations, and bathrooms with rain showers. Wi-Fi is also free for the hotel’s clients, while an Internet Kiosk is among its facilities. The Mission Control (the front desk) caters to all the guests’ needs, including drinking and dining. The price for one of the avant-garde YOTELAIR rooms varies from 170€/181$ to 250€/266$. The hotel also offers hourly rates with a 4-hour minimum stay and shower cabins.

Our Tip: Please keep in mind that YOTELAIR doesn’t accept payments in cash.

2. The Top Proximity Option Vol 2: Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

If you want to find a hotel near Amsterdam Airport but to check out from the airport’s facilities at the same time, Sheraton  Amsterdam Airport Hotel is within a 2-minute walking distance from the Schiphol terminal. The 4-star hotel actually lies right above the international train station. It is fully renovated, adopting a relaxing vibe but without sacrificing its luxury style. It has 417 rooms, a lounge for its VIP members, 30 meeting rooms, and a gym area. Moreover, Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel’s guests can do their shopping at the Lobby Market, enjoy a casual meal at Commune Restaurant, relish a fancy dinner at Stripes, or relax at the Gate Bar. The price for a hotel room is 250€-300€/266$-319$, in good accordance with its provided services.

Our Tip: Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel may be located near the airport. Still, it is outside its airside area. Thus, you can check in with your luggage, but depending on your country of origin, the issue of a visa might be necessary.

3. The Luxury Option: Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the hotel you should check in to if you value luxury services or are an architecture-lover. The relatively new hotel near Amsterdam Airport lies a 5-7-minutes away from Schiphol terminal, linked to AMS via a walkway. Its unique architectural design, along with its elegant and, to an extent, also unparalleled interior (a good example of which are the rooms’ rhombic windows) makes Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol stand out from all the other hotels in the area. With 433 ample rooms, 23 meeting rooms, a restaurant facility, and a bar, the hotel’s guests can definitely enjoy the time spent there. On the other hand, Hilton houses a huge relaxing atrium as well as spa and fitness amenities. 

Our Tip: The price for a standard room is around 250€/266$.

4. The Mid-Range Option: CitizenM Schiphol Airport

CitizenM Schiphol Airport is a somewhat more affordable alternative, as you’ll have to pay around 160€-230€/170$-245$ for your room, depending on the time of the year, the duration of your stay, and, of course, the room’s type. Still, CitizenM is another excellent hotel near Amsterdam Airport, lying just 5 minutes away from the exit doors. It is modernly decorated, elegant but also cozy. The hotel’s 230 rooms are fully kitted with enormous beds and iPads controlling everything, from light to TV and temperature. As far as CitizenM Schiphol Airport’s other amenities are concerned, its guests can benefit from the CanteenM, the restaurant running around the clock, and the 6 societyM meeting rooms.

Our Tip: CitizenM Schiphol Airport is an environmentally-conscious hotel facility. 

5. The Affordable Option: Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Airport

Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Airport combines good prices, proximity to the airport, and quality services. It lies 5km from Amsterdam Airport and offers free shuttle rides from and to Schiphol Airport with a 30-minute frequency from 06:00 am to 11:30 pm. The 4-star accommodation has a smoking lounge and a fitness center. Its restaurant bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner while also preparing packed lunches. Free parking is also provided to the hotel’s guests upon availability. Overall, the hotel rooms are priced at 100€/107$.

Our Tip: Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Airport is usually among the top choices of AMS passengers traveling for business. 

The Top 5 Hotels in Amsterdam

If your whereabouts are to be found in Amsterdam and you want to be near the city’s attractions, feeling part of its everyday life, you should opt for a lodging option inside the city limits. Amsterdam is one of the top destinations worldwide. Thus, it surely doesn’t lack accommodation alternatives. Here, you can check out the top 5 hotels in Amsterdam:

1. The Ultimate Luxury Option: Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The 5-star Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is pricy (costing around 1300€/1385$ per room), but worth every euro you may spend there. Located in 6 canal palaces dating back to the 17th century, Waldorf Astoria is synonymous with lavishness. Its 93 exquisite, elegant, and spacious (a rare fact in Amsterdam) rooms and suites are all decorated differently. Still, they always reflect the hotel’s fancy character and show off its respect for the Dutch tradition. Among the other hotel’s amenities, the Guerlain spa with the top-rated fitness center and the indoor pool as well as the 2-Michelin-star-awarded Spectrum Restaurant stand out. Moreover, Waldorf Astoria houses the relaxing Peacock Alley and the vivid Vault Bar.

Our Tip: Waldorf Astoria’s guests are provided with free bikes upon request.

2. The Historic and Fancy Option: Pulitzer Amsterdam

If you want to get in real touch with the city’s history, the hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam is the place to be. The hotel’s complex is actually the combination of 25 Golden Age canal houses. Hence, the history of the buildings is there, from the decoration and the style to the overall ambiance. Still, the modern elements bring elegantly all this feeling to today’s time. Pulitzer has 225 rooms, many of which have their own private entrance. What’s more, it houses an excellent restaurant and a relaxing bar with a not-to-be-missed cocktail list. Last but not least, the lodging is known for its “secret” garden, as well as its opulent private boat offering tours to the Amsterdam canals.

Our Tip: The average price for one standard room is 600€-650€/640$-690$.

3. The “Offbeat” Option: Sweets

Staying in the actual old bridge keepers’ houses? Can you think of a more fascinating option for your accommodation in Amsterdam? The 28 old houses have been reformed into luxury suites, ranging in everything: from style and decoration to location. Some of them lie in the heart of the city, while others are located in quieter areas. Others are contemporarily refurbished, whereas a more classic or traditional style has been adopted for some houses. However, what they all share is the unparallel views of the Amsterdam canals. Overall, the prices for Sweets suites fluctuate from 200€-800€/213$-852$ depending on the chosen facility.

Our Tip: Inside each suite, there is a tablet with all the necessary info concerning the accommodation and the area’s food and drink options, sightseeing, etc.

4. The Mid-Range Option: Ruby Emma

Ruby Emma is one of the most unique Amsterdam accommodation options. It is basically based on a sustainable philosophy, aiming at environmentally friendly hospitality services. It has a minimal character radiating from its decor to the way of its operation and the self-service concept. The 4-star hotel’s rooms are sophisticated and fully equipped. In fact, temperature and light can be managed by each room’s iPad. The hotel has galley zones on its 2nd to 6th floors with everything guests might need, from toothpaste to snacks and drinks, while frequent events take place in its bar area. With a room price varying from 180€-200€/190$-213$, the hotel is located in an industrial area. Still, the metro stop is right in front of its facilities, making Ruby Emma an Amsterdam accommodation option worth thinking about. 

Our Tip: RubyRadio is a thing! You can (and you should) listen to it in your room. What’s more, if you are a music lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can even rent an electric guitar from the Ruby Emma hotel!

5. The Budget Option: Volkshotel

Another hotel with historical background, Volkshotel, is located in the old offices of DE Volkskrant newspaper. Featuring small but cozy and fully equipped rooms, the Volkshotel is known for its club, its bar, and its 7th-floor restaurant offering panoramic views of Amsterdam. Moreover, it has meeting rooms, workspaces, and even studios for artists! With an average 100€-130€/107$-138$ price per room, it is without a doubt one of the top value-for-money city’s options. 

Our Tip: If Volkshotel is well-known for something is for its rooftop. With a hot tub and sauna area, the hotel’s guests can relax, enjoying breathtaking vistas. Furthermore, numerous sports sessions and other events are organized here, making the roof one of the hotel’s most popular zones.