How to get from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht

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Transit Options from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht

The picturesque Utrecht lies only 50km/31 miles from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Therefore, traveling from the main Dutch airport to the popular tourist destination is easy and relatively fast. In detail, you can choose between the comfortable ordinary airport taxis and the lavish and top-quality yet slightly costlier Amsterdam airport transfers, or opt for an autonomous airport car rental. On the other hand, train rides are without a doubt the best value-for-money option as they are time-saving and affordable at the same time, while journeys with the bus may be longer but are still low-cost.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi10511240-50 min
Train10.201131-35 min
Bus4-184.30-19.3053 min

Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht by Taxi

Are you planning on visiting Utrecht right after landing at Amsterdam International Airport? Most travelers searching for a comfortable way to travel from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht opt for the good-old Amsterdam airport taxis. You’ll find an available taxi vehicle around the clock, waiting at the official airport taxi stand right outside Schiphol Plaza. It is highly advisable to take your cab from there. In that way, you’ll avoid getting scammed by unlicensed drivers allegedly offering low-cost rides. Conversely, all taxis at the taxi rank are licensed. They have blue license plates, the “Taxi” sign, the company’s logo and the taxi number on their roof, and their pricelist displayed outside and inside the vehicle. 

Although Amsterdam taxis are metered, the Dutch government has only set the higher possible rate limits. Thus, each taxi company can form its own price list as long as its rates don’t exceed the regulated fares. That’s exactly the reason why you aren’t obligated to take the first taxi in line at the taxi rank, but you can compare the prices and catch the vehicle of your choice. 

As already said, Amsterdam taxis charge according to their taximeter. Still, most taxi companies offer pre-determined prices, at least for the most common taxi rides. However, you should always keep in mind that the taximeters must operate even during set-priced journeys. Thus, if the calculated price by the taximeter is lower than the agreed one, passengers have to pay the metered fare. In any case, the taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht should last around 40-60 minutes and cost about 105€/112$. Nevertheless, during peak hours, the duration of the ride can be up to 85 minutes. At the end of the ride, you may wonder whether you’ll have to tip the driver. Tipping the taxi driver isn’t obligatory in Amsterdam. However, most passengers round up the fare when satisfied with the provided services. Payments can be made in cash and via bank cards. If you are planning on paying via a credit/debit card though, it is advisable to let the driver know.

Our Tip: Ride-sharing is another option for your journey from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht. 

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Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht by Train

Train rides are considered one of the most popular ways to travel from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht. Verily, Amsterdam airport trains combine comfort and safety with fast journeys and low-cost fares. If you have settled on a train trip from Schiphol Airport, you’ll have to reach Schiphol Station, located underneath the terminal. The station is linked to the AMS terminal via stairs, elevators, and escalators lying in Schiphol Plaza. Once arriving at Schiphol Station, you can catch one of the trains departing every 15 minutes to Utrecht. In fact, trains run around the clock, with scarcer routes during the night (at night, you may have to take an Intercity train to Amsterdam Centraal and a Spinter line to Utrecht Centraal Station). Anyhow, intercity trains (IC) need 31-35 minutes to get from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht Central Station. 

Ticket Options for Train Rides from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht

The OV-chipkaarts are the most preferred way locals and travelers staying in the Netherlands for a while pay for their train tickets. Personal OV cards are the top value-for-money option for residents, whereas anonymous OV-chipkaarts also offer lower prices for journeys with public transit modes. Still, as they cost 8.50€/9$ and must be topped up at least with 20€/21.30$, they aren’t tempting to occasional passengers. In any case, they are available from the yellow machines at Schiphol Plaza.

A more suitable to the transit needs of tourists arriving at Amsterdam International Airport option is the e-tickets, the train tickets that can be bought online. You can easily purchase your train fares from the NS (National Rail Services) website or app, and print them, load them in the app, or keep them on your phone. Whatever your choice might be, you should carry your ID, driver’s license, or passport with you as e-tickets are nominative.  The price for a one-way ticket from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht is 10.20€/11$. If you are traveling with children, please note that kids younger than 4 years old don’t pay for their train travel, whereas kids from 4 to 11 years should buy the Rairunner ticket, at 2.50€/2.67$. 

If you don’t want to make an online reservation, you can buy a disposable ticket from the ticket offices and automatic vendors lying at Schiphol Plaza. However, cash payments are accepted only at the automatic machines. Although the single-use OV-chipkaarts are easy to be purchased, they have a 1€/1.07$ surcharge, making the total cost of the train journey 11.20€/12$.

Your last option is the one-day Holland Travel Ticket. You should choose that alternative if you intend on traveling around the Netherlands, as it allows unlimited rides with public transit means all over the country (but only second-class rail travel). You can buy a ticket that can be used whatever the time of the day or the day of the week at  70€/75$, or pay 48€/51.50$ but be able to use it only during off-peak hours (on weekends and public holidays and on weekdays but not from 06:30 am to 09:00 am)

Important note: Please note that the Dutch public transit network has adopted a check-in check-out system. Thus, you should always remember to scan your ticket once entering the departure station and before leaving the destination rail station.

Our Tip: A contactless-payment system has been recently implemented at the NS rail network.

Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht by Bus

The BlaBlaCar buses are another alternative for your ride from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht. The coaches depart outside Schiphol Plaza and reach Utrecht in approximately 53 minutes. Nevertheless, you’ll find just one available route in the morning and one in the evening, while their cost varies from 4€-18€/4.30$-19.30$.

Car Rental from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht

If you value independence during your travels, Amsterdam airport car rentals should probably be the ideal way to reach Utrecht after landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. With a car rental, you can schedule your ride at your own pace while having the opportunity to not only explore Utrecht but also travel around the Netherlands. Indeed, the small country is ideal for car rides. In fact, you can traverse it in just 4 hours! On the other hand, if you want to save money on your journey’s budget, you should do thorough research. After comparing the Amsterdam airport’s car rental companies’ services and prices, you can come up with the vehicle of your choice even at an affordable price. Please keep in mind that the sooner you make your reservation, the better fares you’ll find.

With an Amsterdam car rental, you can drive from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht in 40-50 minutes. However, if the roads are congested, traveling time can be up to 85 minutes. When reaching Utrecht, you’ll have to find a parking spot for your car rental. Even though free street parking exists in Utecht, it is hard to find, limited to certain hours, and non-existent in the city center. On the other hand, paid street parking is available along with numerous parking lots. Finally, you can head to the P&R (Park & Ride) parking lots outside the city center, benefit from their low prices and use public transit means to reach your destination. 

Amsterdam Airport Transfers from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht

If you are looking for the most luxurious, comfortable, and elevated way to transfer from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht, you should definitely opt for an Amsterdam airport transfer. Passengers booking private transfers from Amsterdam Airport relish welcome services at the airport while having the reserved vehicle of their preference waiting outside the exit doors. With an Amsterdam airport transfer, you can enjoy tailored transfers. Moreover, many side amenities and any add-ons you may want can also be provided. Last but not least, all drivers are area-knowledgeable, meaning that you’ll get to know all the tips and hints to make your stay in the Netherlands unforgettable. Still, if you want to benefit from the best deals and find the car model of your preference, the sooner you book your transfer, the better.


How to transfer from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht?

Besides the ordinary taxis and the luxurious Amsterdam airport transfers, you can choose a train ride or a BlaBlaCar bus journey from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht. Alternatively, Amsterdam airport car rentals are ideal for independent and stress-free trips to Utrecht.

Is there a direct train from Schiphol to Utrecht?

Intercity trains link 24/7 Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht. Available around the clock, IC lines depart from Schiphol Station and head to Utrecht Centraal Station, being a fast, cheap, and direct transit option from the airport to Utrecht.

How much is the train from Schiphol to Utrecht?

The train from Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht costs 10.20€/11$, whereas children between 4 and 11 years pay just 2.50€/2.67$ for their ticket (younger kids travel for free). If you want to travel first-class, you can expect a 17.34€/18.60$ fare for your train ride.